H95 Raum für Kultur

Salon Crystal Tears

Klang, Musik, Installation, Musiker und Publikum werden Teil eines Gesamten

Freitag, 20. März 2015, 20.00h

H95 Raum für Kultur, Eintritt frei – Kollekte

Musik – John Dowland, Silvan Loher

Konzept – Ann Allen

Klang, Sound – Benjamin Brodbeck, Marco de Ramon

Performer – Ziv Braha, Benjamin Brodbeck, Margreet van der Heyden, Jenny Högström, Mechthild Karkow, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Mat Lonson, Jakob Pilgram, Alexandra Rawohl, Caroline Ritchie, Sarah Souza-Simon, Kendra Walsh

Go crystal tears, like to the morning showers,

And sweetly weep into thy lady’s breast.

And as the dews revive the drooping flow’rs.

So let your drops of pity be address’d

To quicken up the thoughts of my desert,

Which sleeps too sound whilst I from her depart.

Haste, restless sighs, and let your burning breath

Dissolve the ice of her indurate heart,

Whose frozen rigour, like forgetful Death,

Feels never any touch of my desert,

Yet sighs and tears to her I sacrifice

Both from a spotless heart and patient eyes